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Birthdays are very special times when we celebrate arriving on the scene, paying tribute to our first day of life on Earth. Weather you celebrate your own birthday or someone else's we at TD Creations know how to capture the spirit and joy of the celebration. Be it your 1st or 101st, our photos provide you with a joyful remembrance of the special occasion. A lot of thought goes into the planning to make a birthday party truly a special day. As people; we are often unsure as to how those who were there will see and/or remember the moment in the future, the fun, the joy, the laughter the celebration of life. Let TD Creations put your thoughts to rest for we understand as human beings we will always think about times past, precious moments that live inside of us all, many times wishing that we had some piece of remembrance of that moment. Photos by TD Creations gives you that piece of remembrance with luxurious images that help you relive those special times with a feeling of radiant satisfaction that truly brings pleasure to your being.